Josh Mandel Demands Governor DeWine Remove 1619 Project From State Website

Mandel uncovered 1619 Project on DeWine’s Department of Education website and calls it false, discredited and a danger to our kids 

CLEVELAND, OH – Today, U.S. Senate Candidate Josh Mandel is calling on Governor Mike DeWine to immediately remove references to the 1619 Project from the state’s Department of Education website, where the project is listed as a “resource” for use in public schools in teaching social studies.

“It is outrageous that Governor DeWine is encouraging our schools to incorporate the 1619 Project as a teaching resource and have it linked on a taxpayer funded website. Parents everywhere are opposed to this far-left, revisionist agenda being forced on our kids, and this is yet another example. It’s a shame that Governor DeWine is pushing the discredited 1619 Project as a resource and it must be removed immediately,” said Mandel.

The radical 1619 Project is seeking to redefine the American experiment as rooted not in liberty but in terms of race and anti-American sentiment. The factual basis of the 1619 Project has been debunked by historians.

The inclusion of the 1619 Project on a state-funded website was uncovered this weekend by Mandel.  Link and screenshot are below.