Josh Mandel Launches First Ad of U.S. Senate Campaign Discussing His Personal Family Story of Faith and God

Cleveland, Ohio – Today, as Passover is celebrated and Easter is approaching, Josh Mandel launched the first ad of his U.S. Senate campaign which describes his family’s history and how the faith of others had a profound impact on his entire family’s lives:

The ad reads: “This time of year, we celebrate that God is always in control. I’m Josh Mandel, and I personally know that’s true.  You see, my grandma was saved from the Nazis by a network of courageous Christians, who risked their lives to save hers.  Without their faith, I’m not here today.  I’m Josh Mandel and I approve this message, because in dark times like this past year, faith is our brightest light.” 

“During this time of year we must especially take time to reflect on the importance of religion in our lives and the ways in which God is always present,” said Mandel.  “As the grandson of Holocaust survivors who were saved by courageous Christians and liberated by Allied Troops, I have heard firsthand the stories of men and women of faith putting themselves in harm’s way because of what they believe.  Every day I take a moment to think about the profound impact my faith has had on me and how I will work to ensure that everyone, especially my children Rosie, Judah and Gideon, find God in their life.”

“The events of the past year have contributed to skyrocketing rates of isolation, depression and addiction.  With politicians deciding to strip our freedoms and that they are the ones who decide whether or not we can celebrate our faith and worship together, now more than ever, we need to put our beliefs on the frontlines and take a stand.  A world without faith is not a world destined for success, and it’s time we remind everyone of God’s importance.”

The ad, will begin to air on Monday, March 29th, and run through Easter Sunday.

The ad can be seen here: