Ohio Value Voters Endorses Josh Mandel for U.S. Senate

Ohio Value Voters is one of the largest faith-based groups in Ohio

Cleveland, Ohio – Today Ohio Value Voters announced their endorsement of Josh Mandel’s candidacy for U.S. Senate. Ohio Value Voters’ endorsement follows endorsements from the Club for Growth and U.S. Senator Mike Lee, as Mandel continues to consolidate support from fiscal conservatives, social conservatives and Trump warriors. This endorsement is another indicator of the growing faith-based, conservative support of Josh Mandel.

John Stover, President of Ohio Value Voters states, “Ohioans have witnessed Josh Mandel embrace Judeo-Christian values for over 15 years. Josh will continue the fight for our family values, the unborn, school choice, against radical indoctrination in the classroom, and our first amendment rights as Ohio’s next Senator.”   

“I am honored to have earned the trust and endorsement of Ohio Value Voters, whose devotion to life and family values has an enormous effect on Ohio elections and public policy. As a U.S. Senator, I will be devoted to protecting life, defending traditional family values, and allowing my faith and core values to drive everything I do.” Mandel said.