Polling Results for Ohio Senate Race

TO: Interested Parties
FROM: Kristin Davison & Ethan Zorfas, Strategists for Josh Mandel for U.S. Senate
SUBJ: Polling Results for Ohio Senate Race
DATE: March 8, 2021

We wanted to share with you recent polling results for the US Senate race here in Ohio. This poll was conducted by WPA, one of the top Republican polling firms, and paid for by an independent organization (not our campaign).

As you will see below, the polling has Josh 27 points ahead of the closest Republican, but we think the General Election against the Democrat is going to be extremely competitive.

With the Senate at a 50-50 tie, this race will be one of the top 3 races in the country that determines the balance of the US Senate.

Should you have any questions or want to discuss this polling or any other campaign matters, please feel free to email us at [email protected] and we can set up a call.