Josh Mandel calls on Governor Mike DeWine to re-open Ohio immediately

Today, Ohio Senate candidate Josh Mandel is calling on Governor Mike DeWine to follow Texas and Mississippi to re-open for business and remove all mandates on citizens.

“Mike DeWine and Amy Acton have done a horrible job and completely trampled on the freedoms, liberties, and livelihoods of everyday Ohioans.  Today I call for Ohio to fully re-open and allow Ohioans to get back to work, get their kids back to school, and remove our statewide mask mandate,” Mandel said. 

“Ohioans have suffered for almost a year due to misinformation from Amy Acton, Anthony Fauci, and Mike DeWine, who thought they were better equipped to make decisions than Moms and Dads, small business owners, and faith leaders.  Today we demand that Governor DeWine remove all restrictions on Ohioans and allow our families and communities to make decisions without the heavy hand of government crippling their liberties any longer,” Mandel concluded.    

Mandel is calling on Governor DeWine to immediately and fully: