Motivated by the Democrats’ Sham Impeachment of President Trump, Josh Mandel announces for the United States Senate

Mandel Vows to Continue the Fight for President Trump’s America First Agenda and to Pulverize the Uniparty in Washington

Cleveland, Ohio – Josh Mandel, Marine Corps veteran and twice elected statewide as the Treasurer of Ohio, today announced his candidacy for the U.S. Senate in 2022:

“Watching this sham and unconstitutional impeachment has made my blood boil and motivated me to run for U.S. Senate. It’s sickening to see radical liberals and fake Republicans in Washington engage in this second assault on President Donald Trump and the millions of us who supported him.”

“I’m going to Washington to fight for President Trump’s America First Agenda and to pulverize the Uniparty – that cabal of Democrats and Republicans who sound the same, stand for nothing and are more interested in cocktail party invites than defending the Constitution.”

“For four years, President Trump fought tooth and nail to advance a conservative ideology and improve the lives of Ohioans. My candidacy is about standing up for working people, economic freedom and individual liberty. I will wake up everyday scratching and clawing to stop Joe Biden, Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi from their assault on American values.”

“When I decided to serve my country, I joined the Marine Corps and laced up my boots for two tours in Iraq. Today, I’ve heard loud and clear from my fellow Ohioans that we need a warrior that won’t quiver in their boots when it comes to standing up for conservative values.”

“We need a fighter in the Senate who will fight to build the wall, combat China’s economic cheating and advance conservative policies that gave us the greatest economy in American history. We need to keep our foot on the gas and build off the momentum of the Trump presidency.”

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