Josh's Fight

When it comes to the security and prosperity of America, Marines will never back down from the threats we face and always step up to defend the American people. As your Senator, I will be the 'first to fight' to keep America safe, free, and prosperous.


Josh will be the first to fight against Obamacare. In Ohio, he stood up to the establishment and did everything he could to stop President Obama’s Medicaid expansion.

Common Core

Josh will be the first to fight against Common Core, because he knows an education system that puts the decisions in the hands of local parents and teachers, instead of some faceless bureaucrats in DC, is what’s best for our next generation.

Taxes on fracking

Josh will be the first to fight against proposed taxes on fracking that would drive business away and make it harder for long term economic recovery to come to Eastern Ohio.

Online Transparency

Josh will be the first to fight for taxpayers. In Ohio, he launched, which set a new national transparency standard by displaying state and local checkbook spending and salaries online. Josh improved the state’s ranking on government transparency from 46th to 1st in the nation.

Fighting Corruption

Josh will be the first to fight Washington corruption. His office helped uncover a $3.2 million bribery and kickback scheme and cleaned up the office from the previous administration.

Stop Higher Taxes

Josh will be the first to fight higher taxes. As Treasurer, he fought to end the estate tax, by successfully arguing that the death tax was an unfair form of double taxation driving retirees, businesses, and charitable giving out of Ohio.

End Excessive Government Regulations

Josh will be the first to fight excessive government regulation. He reformed Ohio's municipal income tax system, which had become a Byzantine maze of tax forms that was drowning taxpayers and small businesses in cumbersome and costly paperwork.


Josh will be the first to fight for the rights of the unborn. He supported legislation to prohibit abortion as soon as a fetal heartbeat could be detected.

Radical Islamic Terrorism

Josh will be the the first to fight radical Islamic terrorism. He worked to divest tax dollars and Ohio pension funds from Iran and and other state sponsors of terror.